Vehicle Graphics & Wraps


Here at Bayside Graphics we produce spectacular innovative fleet graphics for cars, vans, trucks, bikes and much more!

You could transform your vehicle today with any design you desire; whether you already have an idea or want the help of our experienced in-house designers, you can create the most effective twenty-four seven powerful promotional tool to promote you everywhere you go!

Our highly skilled fitters work with various new high-quality vinyl, mixing a multitude of colours to produce only the best results for you.

At Bayside Graphics we offer a vast variety of patterns, textures and colours of vinyl that will totally transform your vehicle, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Metallic, matte, chromes, chameleon and gloss are just a few examples from our growing collection at Bayside Graphics!
To hear all about our full range of choice please contact us through email or phone or even come check it out yourself at our unit.

Vinyl wrap is not only fantastic way of reviving your vehicle but also a great way to protect your vehicle and/or paint work too. Vinyl can easily be applied and removed without any damage to a previous paint job and can protect your vehicle from scuffs and scratches, external erosion, stone chipping, fading paint protection and much more. Vinyl wrapping is also a good choice if you do not want to fully commit your vehicle to one look as you can easily remove and replace the vinyl to a brand new colour and style or return to your previous paint colour at any time!

Not only do we offer full vehicle wraps but we can also do partial wraps too, for example perhaps a bonnet or roof wrap; consider a matte black roof or some striking stripes on the bonnet of your vehicle. Bayside Graphics can offer personalised in-house designs and fitted vinyl solutions to meet your imagination!

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