Digital Wraps


Full digital vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to maximize the reach of your advertising on the move.
You get to have a 24/7 advertising tool that will be seen whenever you go, drawing attention and exposure to your business all the time.

 Bayside Graphics digital vinyl wraps which make sure you’re noticed.  Our design team create stunning solutions for every vehicle type and business.
Packed with impact and produced cost-effectively, digital wraps send a powerful message whether it is
personal, pleasure or promotional. Wraps, professionally produced bring professional business.

 Image turns heads.  It makes people think and remember. Digital vehicle wraps turn a dull vehicle
into a powerful, vibrant advertising tool. Digital wraps revive tired paintwork on cars with dazzling new colours, graphics or patterns.  

 Change the colour of your beloved car without a respray. Perhaps add some graphics. When you sell it, just peel off the digital wrap and it’s back
to its former glory. 
Imagine the impact your business vehicles will make with a new livery professionally designed.
Promote your business day and night with a cost effective digital wrap. Or promote a product, service or even with a special digital wrap.  

 We advise you of the best vinyl for your needs.  Some vinyls are good for 10 years. Deliver your advertising message with impact.
Tell people far and wide who you are and what you do. After all the space is free to you – so make it work harder.
Make sure everybody recognises your logo and livery.  It puts you into their mind.

 Contact us today and tell us what you want.  We will advise how to proceed and the cost.

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